The FAITH CLINIC page on is an interactive feature meant to dissect and discuss burning issues on Catholic faith and doctrines. It aims at addressing the “ailment” of ignorance suffered by some Catholics and non Catholics on matters of faith and morals, hence, the name, FAITH CLINIC.

The series shall feature posts on various topics, published fortnightly in short series, to aid easy reading and comprehension. Readers can also make contributions and ask questions on the featured topic in the comments section, which shall be answered; as much as possible, this is going to be an interactive session. And it is hoped that this will be of great help to my many readers as well as other people out there who have the burning desire to know. Always feel free to share “medications” coming from this CLINIC to all your social media platforms. The motto of this CLINIC shall be: The Truth shall set you free… (John 8:32)

Rev. Fr. AMEH Sylvanus

Medical Director, Faith Clinic

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