Rest on Rev. Fr. Isua


Our last photo together was on his 40th ordination anniversary. Rest in peace, High Chief Taekwandus alias Udobaba 1, my first PP after ordination. Our gist has no end, until I excuse myself from him. And he’ll come knocking on my door and say, “Fr. Ameh, have you heard?” And that’s how “have you heard?” will become a 3-hour gist. I could knock on his door at anytime and ask him, “Igwe, are you busy?” If he says no, I will tell him, “come let me gist you something” and fiam, we are discussing every topic that comes to mind for hours. He was ordained long before I was born, but we were “gossip partners” as though we were contemporaries.

Chai! Nankrokotigbotatigbo wasn’t a perfect man, none of us is, but he most certainly was a good man, a very good man. It’s still very hard to accept the news of his death, but what can anyone do? Babunge, your crown prince/oga at the middle will sorely miss you.😭😭😭
May Heaven joyfully accept you.

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