By: Fr. Ameh Sylvanus

Readings: Isaiah 62:1-5; Psalm 96; 1 Corinthians 12:4-11; John 2:1-11

The audacity of faith

1. Jesus was invited to that wedding (Jn 2:2).
The young couple were beginning their life as man and wife, and though they didn’t know who Jesus truly was or of his powers, they invited him. Today, we know that he is God, we know he can do all things, but many still don’t invite him into their lives and situations. In our work, business, studies, marriages, and all, we should always learn to put Jesus first (Rev 22:13) and like with the couple at Cana, his presence will make all the difference.

2. The couple didn’t even know Jesus saved the day for them (Jn 2:8-10).
Neither the steward nor the groom knew Jesus saved them from an embarrassing situation. Behind the scene, he performed a miracle and of course, the wedding went on happily. Every single day, Jesus saves us from dangers and many embarrassing situations that we know nothing of (2 Kgs 6:8-17). His hands guard us every moment of every day. Even when things seem to be bad, know that if it were not for God, if could have been worse. We may really never know how much God does for us each day until the end of our lives. All we can do is to thank God at the end of each day for those times he came through for us, especially those of which we were not aware. And the best way to show gratitude to God is by being obedient children of his who strive to live in uprightness.

3. Jesus performed this miracle at the prompting of Mary his mother.
It was on Mary’s intercession that Jesus saved the couple of Cana from shame. This is the beauty and power of intercessory prayers. Many, if not all of us, are beneficiaries of some blessings from God only because someone somewhere begged Him to bless us. There are many other such instances in the scripture where people received a favor from God because another person interceded for them. There is the example of Abraham interceding for Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 18:17-33); the Syrophoenician woman interceding for her daughter (Mat 15:22-28); the friends of the paralytic man bringing him before Jesus (Mk 2:1-12); the centurion begging Jesus to heal his sick servant (Lk 7:1-10), and many others. We must learn to pray for each other always. Spiritually standing in the gap for someone is the best gift we could ever give. Let us learn to move our focus from ourselves sometimes and dedicate our prayers to God for someone else.

4. The audacity of faith
The blessed mother Mary showed great faith in her son, Jesus, when, after telling him the wine had run out, despite his response which didn’t seem positive, still went and told the servants to do whatever He tells them. The servants also showed faith when, though they didn’t understand why Jesus would ask them to fill the stone jars with water when they needed wine, went ahead and did as they were instructed. Neither Mary nor the servants knew what Jesus was going to do, but they just believed he would do something. I call this the audacity of faith; that kind of audacity that moves us to trust God even when we do not understand his plans for us. We see such faith too, expressed by Peter (Lk 5:1-10) and the widow of Zarephath (I Kgs 17:1-16) who believed the words of Jesus and prophet Elisha respectively. Most times, we will not know what plans God has, what he is going to do, but He demands that we trust Him still. Remember that “without faith, no man can please God” (Heb 11:6). Pray often therefore, that God strengthens your faith.

Have a blessed week.